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Viale Eritrea 80 - Rome

Cell. +39 349 741 80 82


Dance school "Teatro Greco"
teatro greco roma b&b vicino

Our Bed & Breakfast is located a few steps from the greek theater.

The school offers recreational dance classes, amateur, preparatory, classical ballet, modern jazz, contemporary dance, video dance, hip-hop, Caribbean dance, pilates for beginners and professionals.

Each course is divided into several levels to allow the student to follow a complete path beginning with preliminary and could then choose to focus upon academic ballet, jazz, contemporary, or a total professional training. The school allows students who already have a basic preparation inclusion in the level most appropriate to them, subject to verification by the teacher holds the course.

Employs qualified teachers and organizes periodically, both during the academic year in summer, internships with masters of international fame and workshops on new techniques. The essay by year-end, also represents a fundamental moment of direct experience with the natural scenery of the dance: the stage and the audience.

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