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Meta Medica

The Bed & Breakfast Domus De Angelis is pleased to offer its customers a discount of 10% on the rack rates of the B & B for customers that exhibit appropriate documentation issued by the clinic, certifying the medical examination, to be presented to the staff of B & B. To take advantage of the discounts the customer will directly book your B & B and spend at least three days.

The customer can not make use of online booking with brokerage (eg booking.com) and may not be combined other offers.

META MEDICAL, specialist medical credited with the Regional Health Service, is part of the San Raffaele S.p.A., a leader in the field of rehabilitation and point of reference in the research and in the panorama of national health. The structure, oriented in particular to the outpatient surgery, offers a wide range of services providing its patients the highest functionality and safety in mind.

META MEDICAL, modern and stylish health center, is located a few steps from Piazza Istria, in the heart of the Trieste district in Rome, and has 2 operating theaters and 15 medical facilities.
Among the various activities of outpatient surgery, patients may make on Convention cataract surgery and carpal tunnel release.
Always in agreement you can be made to imaging tests such as chest X-ray, the spine, the limbs and the sinuses and analytical laboratory tests such as blood tests, tumor markers and hormone assays.

And then you can undergo, a private service, a correction refractive surgery with excimer laser to increase the natural eyesight, eliminate or reduce the use of spectacles and contact lenses.

Of course, the waiting time and response are short and some as befits a high-quality private clinic; the competence and the courtesy of the operators are our pride and your safety.

The attention to the comfort of the rooms, accompanied by the efficiency of the staff and the use of the latest technology, are the tools by which to META MEDICAL is pursuing a single objective: the health and patient well-being.

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