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Alma Res
alma res roma hotel vicino

The Alma Res Fertility Center, a short walk from our B & B and operating since 1989, is directed by Professor Bilotta, who since 1980 is dedicated to the study and treatment of infertility couple, boasts a team of professionals of international standing, with extensive experience and dedicated to scientific research in the field of Medically Assisted Reproduction. The professionalism of the medical experts of Alma Res is ready to welcome every single pair with your own, personal, infertility problem by providing personalized answers.

Our philosophy is to provide the most advanced services in the field of assisted reproduction and accompany you in every step of the way. Above all, the medical team intent of Alma Res is to unite to its seriousness and professionalism constant help based on a solid relationship of trust. The clinic Alma Res, building on its commitment, applies the latest treatments and the best techniques to remedy the difficulties of conceiving.

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The Bed & Breakfast Domus De Angelis is pleased to offer its customers a discount of 10% on the rack rates of the B & B for customers that exhibit appropriate documentation issued by the clinic, certifying the medical examination, to be presented to the staff of B & B. To take advantage of the discounts the customer will directly book your B & B and spend at least three days.

The customer can not make use of online booking with brokerage (eg booking.com) and may not be combined other offers.

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