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The Catacombs of Priscilla
catacome di priscilla roma B&B vicino
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If you want to visit the catacombs of Priscilla, our B & B is the right choice for you, you can be found along the Via Salaria, with an entrance in front of Villa Ada. The name probably derives from the name of the woman who donated the land for the construction of the burial, or its founder. In the cemetery it is preserved funerary inscription related to Priscilla.

The catacombs were dug out of tufa from the second century up to the fifth century, when they reached the final structure, which extends for a total of 13 km of underground tunnels. In ancient times it was dubbed "The Queen of the" catacombs because of the numerous martyrs buried.

During the persecutions of the third and fourth centuries the catacombs welcomed the remains of many martyrs and six popes.

35 meters deep and articulated on three levels, the catacombs are home to about 40,000 graves. Abandoned in the fifth century and later looted during the barbaric invasions, the catacombs were long forgotten and then rediscovered only in recent centuries and valued.

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