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Viale Eritrea 
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We are on Viale Eritrea, a famous street in Rome for its shops and various businesses. In the thirties begins the intensive urbanization: large condominiums not without pretensions of villas were built on areas divided up for this purpose, such as Villa Lancellotti and Villa Chigi, dwellings or buildings intended for public servants granted to cooperatives. Between 1924 and 1930 it is constructed the Virgilian Park (or Nemorense Park), designed as a green lung for a henceforth intensive neighborhood.

Following the birth of the Republic, in 1946 the district took its current name from the homonymous course that forms the main street.

In the seventies the area was the protagonist of a new speculation, the most northern part of the Trieste district, from Annibaliano square to the Rome-Florence railway, it is commonly called the African district under dell'odonomastica inspired by African colonies of the Kingdom ' Italy. The original nucleus of this "subquartiere", originally intended for the families of railway workers, was built in the early twenties, occupying a quadrilateral area adjacent to Via Tripoli.

After World War II the railway workers neighborhood, which consisted of about forty buildings, it was completely demolished. In the old district was set the film by Pietro Germi, The straw man, in 1958, while all around was going to be completed, the axis avenue Eritrea-avenue Libya, the African district as we know it today. Instead of railwaymen district were later built a school building, some buildings of the State Railways, parking and residential buildings.

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